Windows by the numbers: Remaining Windows 7 users in no rush to move on

Windows 7 users who missed the operating system’s mid-January support deadline weren’t in any hurry last month to dump the operating system.

According to data published Sunday by American analytics company Net Applications, Windows 7 shed just four-tenths of a percentage point in February, ending the month at 25.2%. Windows 7 accounted for 28.6% of the personal computers running the Microsoft OS.

(The percentage of Windows PCs is larger than the percentage of all personal computers because Windows does not power every system. In February, Windows was the OS of 88.2% of the world’s personal computers — an increase of just one-tenth of a point. Of the rest, all but a tiny fraction ran macOS, Linux or Chrome OS, in decreasing order.)

February’s decline of Windows 7 was less than a tenth that of January’s, when procrastinators scrambled to retire the 2009 OS before – or shortly after – its Jan. 14 end of support.

Users of Windows 7 who didn’t make the switch to a newer OS may have decided that, having blown the deadline without visible harm, they could relax and keep running the operating system. Or perhaps the last-minute rush in January had exhausted IT’s resources and administrators were simply pausing to regroup before tackling more machines.

Another possibility: The Extended Security Updates (ESP) that Microsoft has sold – and continues to sell – have dampened at least some of the immediate enthusiasm for ditching Windows 7.

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